Processed With DarkroomHello friends! My name is Jessica. I am a mother of 2 little girls and we live in Atlanta, GA with my Husband, Ben! We are newlyweds, married in June! This blog is my space to talk about parenthood, marriage after divorce (with kids), my struggles and wins with body image, being a working parent, DIY and design, thrifting, and more. OH…and food! We love food around here! 
Previously, I worked as a Software Product Manager, but quit my job due to the stresses of “Corporate America” so that I could pursue a career in writing and focus on my blog! I am excited to build a community of people in this space that helps others going through similar difficulties to find a voice and a village.
I am very active on Instagram (@jessdoyou2) where I share pictures, stories, and videos! Bare with me while I get this space up and running and thank you for being here!!
Email: jessdoyou2@gmail.com