Summer Reading 2019 – Girl, Stop Apologizing



You guys, this book pumped me up. I just finished reading it and I think I liked it more than Girl, Wash Your Face. Or maybe it’s just because this one is more of a guide and I tend to be very task oriented so it felt like a list of tasks that can help me get to where I want to go…or ever just FIGURE OUT where I want to go.

I would recommend this book for:

  1. Entrepreneurs
  2. Moms
  3. Anyone who wants to change their lifestyle in some way
  4. Anyone who needs a pep talk to stop caring about what everyone thinks of them!

Favorite Quote:

“For many women the weight of other people’s opinions will be too big a burden to carry; they won’t be able to step outside the safety net because they’re too scared. But that’s not us. We’re willing to go after it, we’re willing to be audacious, and we’re willing to take it on because the chance to live into our full potential is worth any backlash that comes our way.
Some say good girls don’t hustle. Well, I’m okay with that. I care more about changing the world than I do about its opinion of me.”

-Rachel Hollis, Girl, Stop Apologizing


Have you read this book? If so, tell me what you thought of it!

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