Summer 2019 Reading List – Let’s Get Reading!

I have been the worst when it comes to reading for the last few years. I have barely finished a book in like…probably 2 or 3 years…maybe more. I don’t even remember! It’s super embarrassing! I mean, I CAN read, don’t get me wrong, I just haven’t made it a priority in a long time. Earlier this summer, while on my honeymoon, I started reading to relax, and now I’m hooked again!


After getting home, I decided to start a reading list of books I want to finish before summer ends on September 22! I thought I would share them with you guys in case you want to read along! I will be updating the blog with reviews on each book as I finish them. If you want to see my summer reading list, I’ve created a page for it here!

Let’s get reading!

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