What Being 30 Taught Me

what being 30 taught me


People tend to make a big deal out of turning 30. I personally spent my entire 29th year dreading my next birthday. I had convinced myself that when I turned 30 I was going to just shrivel up and die like an old lady and that would be the end of it. Well, Monday was my 31st birthday and I’m still alive and kickin’.

Fortunately, 30 was probably one of my most exciting years in the way of self development. Here are some things that being 30 taught me!


I learned that forgiveness isn’t for the one being forgiven, but for the one doing the forgiving.

I learned that failure to take responsibility for your emotions leads to failure to manage them.

I learned that everyone has to start somewhere.

I learned that money truly does not buy happiness. Like…seriously, guys. Having money to pay your bills is obviously necessary but I’m talking about having a lot of money with the ability to buy a lot of THINGS. THINGS don’t make you happy.

I learned that your health effects your mood more than you know.

I learned that working in an office environment isn’t for me.

I learned how much I love dogs.

I learned that I love hiking (as long as it’s not too hot outside).

I learned that I love my thick thighs (I haven’t learned to love some of the other stuff yet but I’m a work in progress).

I learned that I’m a work in progress.

I learned that sometimes you outgrow people and that’s okay.

I learned to trust my instincts because they’ve never steered me wrong.

I learned that I will always have something to learn.

I learned that I can hustle when I know there’s a lot riding on it.

I learned how lucky I am to be in love with my best friend.

I learned that a whole summer with your kids will test every nerve in your body.

I learned how much I love myself for taking this chance to do something that I enjoy so much even though it was not a popular decision amongst some others.

I can’t wait to see what 31 has in store for me because I have a lot in store for it!

See you next time, friends!



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