First Day Of School – Time to Hustle


I cannot believe I sent my babies off to first and fourth grade today! It’s making me feel old! I’m a month from 31 and I feel like I’m 50!

Tessa, 6, was so nervous about starting first grade. She kept saying, ‘I’m scared!’ She’s been nervous for the past 2 weeks. Last year there were tears almost daily for the first week. I wasn’t looking forward to it again this year. That mommy guilt hits you straight in the gut when you see your nervous little one climbing onto a big school bus. I don’t worry about Eva, 9, because she is a social butterfly. She makes friends easily and rarely gets nervous about school and other social events. Tessa is just like me though so I feel for her!

After dropping them off at the bus stop, I went to take care of some dogs that I’m pet sitting and then came home and hustled hard. I spent so much time with my girls this summer. Yes, I had a hundred goals that I set that I didn’t accomplish because I felt guilty every time I sat down to work while the girls were home. But after quitting my job back in May to focus on blogging, I had the opportunity to spend a whole summer with them! That was a first for me and I have zero regrets.

But now that they are back in school, it’s time to hustle. I got shit to do! I started off strong when I first quit because the girls were in school for another week. Once they were home full time though, I struggled to get anything done. I have lots of plans for the rest of the year and I’m ready to execute.

I worked all day and made a lot of progress! When we went to pick the girls up from the bus stop, they were both happy and smiling. I asked them each a million and one questions and Tessa told me that she isn’t nervous to go back tomorrow because she had a great day. Phew! That’s a relief! When unpacking their bookbags and lunchboxes, I noticed that Tessa’s bookbag and lunchbox both are soaking wet from her water bottle. Day 1 and we are already getting soggy agendas and papers. Does anyone else deal with this? She never fails to soak her bookbag with water or some kind of sticky liquid at least once a week!

We are currently still learning what our after school routine will be but right now the girls have finished their chores and they’re reading since they don’t have homework yet. They start their first gymnastics class tonight too so we will be headed there soon! First day of school was a win. Here’s to another year!

If you want to see more about the first day of school, check out my vlog!

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